Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Happy Wednesday! Today is the start of a new month, so thought that was a good time to start the blog that I've been thinking about for a while.

Why am I starting a blog? Among other reasons, to have a place to put my plan where my friends can check in on it. What plan? Well....

(Prelude stolen from Tammy, who stole it from Velda who originally stole it from Kell.)With the ladies on Cross Stitch Crazy I'm going to do a project challenge. I will not buy any new cross stitch patterns for my stash until I finish 30 of the ones I already own. I am allowing myself to buy supplies (fabric, fibers, beads, etc) that I need to complete these projects and to collect freebies. I can buy patterns as gifts for others, but not for myself. I have a list of 49 patterns that my 30 projects will come from (list subject to change). My goal is to complete the plan by June 2008. As of yesterday, I have completed 9 pieces.

And now for the list....


1 & 2)Happy Holidays (yes, I did this one twice)
3)Cat in the Flower Bed
4 & 5)Bouquet of Gladiolas by Artecy (one mini, one card size)
6 & 7)Monarch Butterfly by Artecy (one mini, one bookmark)
8)Turtles by Hinezit
9)Madonna of the Streets by Artecy (mini)

Pattern list...
Bear - mural inside - kit
Boo-gie Fever
Carhop Betty
Cat -hair (Specialty Fiber)
Caught Napping - Artecy
Ceremony of the New Day
Chris Tree - M Designs
Evening Stitcher's Clutch Purse - Hardanger
Fantasy Triptych - TW
Fish city (left half only)
Folding Cross Needlebook
Freezie - One More Stitch
Happy Whatever
Harley Clock - kit
I'm Ready Santa - Little Bitz
Kitty Bandits - kit
Madonna of the Streets - Artecy (card size)
Mediterraneo - Passione Ricoma
Midsummer Eve - Art of Stitching
My Sunshine - La D Da
Nametag - for NGM
Perpetual Calendar
Pretty Weed - Raise the Roof
Rainbow Gallery Alphabet (sampler format?)
Rainforest Afghan
Rejoice Tree - M designs
Santa's Secrets - Lynne Nicolletti
Snowmen - Hinezit
Special Delivery - HAED
Spirit Dancer
Spirit of the Eagle
The Journey Begins - HAED
Time of Lilacs - Art of Stitching
Turtles - Hinezit
Turtored & Sprayed - PuddinD
Unicorn - mural inside - kit
Viking - Huddles
Wave (horses out of the surf) - kit
Welcome (in sign language)
What Side? - Raise the Roof

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~Velda said...

gosh there's alot of prelude stealing these days *giggle*

Looking forward to all your updates!