Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where Have You Been?

Or, maybe that should read, "Where have I been?" Good question. Let's do a quick catch up.

Last Tuesday, I had 10 upper teeth extracted and an immediate denture put in place. Yes, I'm kind of young for a denture, but heredity, an airbag deployment(years ago), and past radiation therapy did a number on my teeth. My baby boy, came down and played chaufer/baby sitter. He drove me to my appointment on Tuesday, from there to the drug store, to my follow up appointment the next day, followed by Dairy Queen (shake!). Between driving me around, he made sure that I was ok and laughed at my current speech issues.

Because of Tuesday's adventures I was pretty much homebound the rest of last week. Sleeping, tv, and stitching were about all I did.

Did I say stitching? Why yes I did. Will post pictures later (once I locate the camera cord), but I finished...
a word square for Ms. V.
the stitching of my name tree (just need to add the beads)
a Sail Away bookmark
Madonna of the Streets card size (finish #12 of the plan)

Also decided on ...
a pattern for a blackwork bookmark (for an exchange)
colors for Bama T's designer rr
a pattern for the current neighborhood rr project that I have
material and fiber for M Design's Rejoice Tree

As of last night, I am over half way to my October stitch count goal.

Sunday was the Vikings vs Bears game at Solider Field. Missed the beginning of the game due to sleep, but saw most of it and was able to squeak out some screams. SKOL VIKINGS!

Yesterday was my first day back to work. Lasted 5 hours. Today is a whole day.

Finally, Happy Birthday to ex #2. He's 33 today.

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~Velda said...

and do we get to see pic of that beautiful new smile? I'm glad you're recovered and got to stitch tons! Looking forward to my fabulous mail :)