Wednesday, December 19, 2007

As Promised

What has been going on for the last week that kept me from posting? Here's some of the highlights...

Last Wednesday was the last night of karaoke. It was also a two dentist appointment day. (Drop off my plate in the morning for a soft alignment and then go back in the afternoon to pick it up.) If that wasn't enough, my baby boy decided to come down an visit for the day. (at least I got some stitching done)

Thursday night was dart night. I couldn't hit much of anything. In addition to dropping my PPD average to 14.34, I broke the freeze rule and cost us a game.

Friday - off to the dentist again for an adjustment.

Saturday night it was off to the fights. Grand Casino Hinkley had a boxing event and I got to go (early Chirstmas present from Mom). There was a boxer making his pro debut -- the same fighter that took ex#2 out in a toughman competition there June of last year. That boxer won his pro debut.
Here's a picture I took with my cell phone. Will add a couple more once I get them from the cell to the computer.

Sunday I had a personal consultation with a "gentleman" that wanted to select some of the home party items I have for his kids for Christmas.

Monday Night Football! The Vikings beat da Bears in an ugly game. Took two people that had never been to a game before, hope that they had as much fun as I did.

Tuesday - back to the dentist for another adjustment. Got a call from my darling son on the way there. He was in a "secondary accident" on his way to a basketball game. He's ok, his car lost it's passenger side wing mirror. Unfortunately, found out this afternoon that there was a casualty from the preliminary accident. Haven't talked to him yet today to see how he's doing.

Which brings us to the rest of today....will be doing some Christmas wrapping and some stitching shortly.

Speaking of's some pictures of recent finishes...

This is the ornament that I made for the Cross Stitch Crazy board exchange.

My lot on J's neighborhood round robin.

J's entire neighborhood.

My section of B's designer round robin.

B's entire designer round robin - before I mailed it to her the second time (don't ask).


Margaret said...

Great stitching, Chris!

~Tammy said...

Busy busy busy!

Your stitching is lovely, as always.

Christine said...

You certainly have been busy, your stitching is beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas holiday! ;0)