Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 Goals

What are my goals for this year?

Non-stitchy goals...

...To read 10,000 pages. (I made it to 5,794 in 2007)

...To finish my weight loss journey. (I've lost 30 pounds so far..12 more to go.)

...To "walk" to Nashville. (884 miles)

...To average 4 Blog posts per week.

...To finish the guest bathroom.

...To finish the guest room/craft room.

...To end the season with a higher point per dart average than I started with (14.38)

Stitchy goals...

...To finish the plan. (I'm currently half way there. 15 projects to go.)

...To stitch (and finish)at least one Christmas ornament per month.

...To stitch (and finish) one Silver Needle Night kit per month.

Stitch-a-thon Goals...

...entire year 65,000 stitches 18,750 minutes

...break down -
weeklong SATs - 3,500 stitches 985 minutes (there are 10 this year)
monthlong SATs - 15,000 stitches 4,450 minutes (there are 2 this year)

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~V said...

those are great goals!