Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Division Playoffs

I went 0 & 4 on my Wild Card Picks. So what to do for the Division playoff I go against who I want to win in hopes that I'll be wrong (thus the right team wins)? Or do I go with who I want to win and hope that all my wrong picks are used up? Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

OK - I'm going to go with my real picks. Here they are...


Jacksonville at New England. I can't stand Tom Brady, but would love to see Randy Moss (former Viking) get a ring. The only way that can happen is for the Patriots to win, so am going with New England.

San Diego at Indianapolis. Peyton. Going with the Colts.


NY Giants at Dallas. Eli. Went against him last week and it bit me. Won't make that mistake again. Going with the Giants.

Seattle at Green Bay. I can't stand either team! Will go with the Packers - so I can see them get beat later.

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