Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Update

I didn't freeze over the weekend.
I did finish No Great Mischief.
I did get a bunch of stitching done.

My stitch-a-thon totals for last week were....4.292 stitches and 1,555 minutes. Both of these were above my goal!

Here's some of the stitching that I did....

Part 1 of the Papillon Creations 2008 mystery chart.

January ornament. Design by Val's Stuff

I restarted the Carhop Betty that I'm stitching for a friend. This is the restart.

This is what Betty should look like when I'm done.


~V said...

that mystery chart one is gorgeous!!!

xsquared said...

They all look great! I've got that ornament on my to do list.

Margaret said...

Beautiful! I started the mystery chart today.