Friday, February 15, 2008

Goals Update

With this being a stitch-a-thon week, thought it would be a good time to update y'all on how I'm doing on some of my goals.

Goal for the week - 3,500 stitches and 985 minutes

Here's the break down...
Monday - 790/270
Tuesday - 663/210
Wednesday - 675/190
Thursday - 797/125
Friday - 937/300
Saturday - 587/243
Sunday - 1,113/420

Edited: 2/18/07 to add Friday, Saturday, and Sunday's numbers. Total for the week.... 5,562 stitches and 1,758 minutes. I broke both of my goals.

The Easter card still isn't done -- part of the backstitching is done, just need to finish the rest.

Edited: 2/18/07 to add. The Easter card is done, and the bookmark for an exchange is almost done. Watch for pictures soon.


I ended last season with a points per dart average of 14.38. After last nights match, my PPD average is....14.49.
The bad news, our team dropped from 2nd place last week to 4th. I dropped from 2nd to 15th in individual ppd average.

And while we're on bad news. My weight journey went the wrong way at weigh in. I gained 1.4 pounds. Bringing my overall weight loss for the leg of the journey to 1.6 pounds.

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