Sunday, June 22, 2008


Tried to put these pictures up yesterday, system kept going down. Tried again earlier today, same problem. At last, here's some of the pictures from DS's bonvoyage party from last weekend.

Can't have a party without relatives...
w/ mom and dad.
grandma and a cousin.
the terrible trio
w/ an uncle and cousins
w/ another uncle
w/ another cousin
w/ an aunt and a cousin

The boy was trying on hats at his going away party. Here's a couple of them.
I never said he grew up.
Wearing dad's hat.

Since loading pictures is working, will add these.
Met him and his dad half way yesterday. Here's a pic of them.

One last picture, this was taken in the parking lot of the airport just before he headed out. (Think he was tired of having his picture taken.)

That's all for now. Right now he's in Chicago, his flight to Germany is scheduled to take off in 20 minutes.


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Very cute hat!

Sending big hugs!