Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'd like to use a do over!

A person can only take so much. In the last 24 hours...

...I have found out that my son's birthday present did not arrive. According to "brown" the package was delivered on Tuesday. DS was home all day Tuesday, never saw them or a package. Called the company that I ordered from. They can do a UPS trace. The trace will take 8 business days. Doesn't help as son is leaving the country. Wasn't thinking clearly and reordered (will be credited when the trace is done), new order whould be there by Tuesday. (IF I had been thinking, would have just done the trace, but, would have gone to the store and picked up his gift and hand delivered it this weekend.)
Good thing I asked him about the package.

...The first Sonic in Minnesota opened Monday. Since it was raining pretty good last night, thought they would be slow. Yeah right! Couldn't even turn into the parking lot. They literally had a police officer in the driveway directing people to the "staging area". Went around the block, there were about 25 cars waiting in the staging area. Forget that, went to Davanni's.
Good thing - have you ever looked at the nutritional information for Sonic?

...During dinner at Davanni's had a conversation that I'm still having trouble coping with. (for now will leave it at my dinner companion was ex #2.)
Good thing - I did NOT cry in front of him. I was even pretty ok when I got home. When I went to bed and then again this morning was another story.

...By bed time my throat was irritated.

...Woke up to a sore throat and stuffy nose.

...Tripped over my own two feet walking into work this morning. Ring toe on my left foot is throbbing....middle toe (on same foot) is black and blue.

Anybody got a time machine that I can borrow. Just want to go back less than 24 hours.


~Tammy said...

I'd be wanting a do over too! Nasty days like this should just conveniently fly the coop!

Hope things work out okay with DS's present.

Deirdre said...

(((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) I hope today was better. I have do over days a lot lately.

I hope ds got the present.

~V said...

no no honey, you want to go ahead, not back 'cause it might all work out the same way ((hugs))