Monday, June 30, 2008


so I get to work after 5 days off (3 workdays plus the weekend), can't log in to the system.
Finally get in, make my way thru email....I just wanna go home.

Went to LOL cats to try to brighten my mood, and found...
more cat pictures
Take the tail off and you have my "runt" when she was a baby. Lookwise only, she doesn't like to be held, and is a jumper (think back of the couch to the curtain rod without climbing the curtains - and am pretty sure it was her that got on top of the fridge, which stands alone not next to a cabinet, just couldn't prove it). Or maybe I should say was, she seems to be getting really lazy when it comes to jumping - maybe becuase "mom" got on her so much for being places she wasn't suppose to be.

BTW, did I mention that my bottom jaw still hurts?!

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Deirdre said...

I hope it quits hurting soon!

Whenever I get my teeth cleaned, they hurt for days, I can only imagine what you have been through.