Friday, July 25, 2008


Ms. V posted a challenge on her blog. In response to this challenge, here are my goals for each day...

1) At least 3 bottles of water each day. (Since making lifetime, I've been a little lax in this area.)
2) Walk 10 steps more than I did yesterday. (Exercise has never been my thing.)
3) Read at least 15 minutes each day.
4) Work my Jockey Person to Person business each day.
5) Find the positive in at least one thing each day.
6) Do something that makes me happy. (Not something that gives me pleasure, but something that makes me happy.)

Will take it one step farther, and am adding a longer term goal/dream.
By the end of next week I will have the paperwork filled out to apply to go back to school.
Long term goal, degree in business management with an emphasis on music.


~Tammy said...

Your goals are great.

I look forward to seeing you reach and succeed your expectations!

Deirdre said...

Very exciting goals! you can do it!