Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who's That?

Any guesses who this picture is of?

If you guessed me, you are correct.
It's my senior class picture.
The picture that will not die.
The picture that reappears each class reunion.
This past weekend was my 25th class reunion. I didn't attend due to a scheduling conflict (I was at a convention.), but decided the picture should put in an appearance here.


Deirdre said...

Gorgeous!!!! If that was my picture, I wouldn't want it to die...

~Tammy said...

The picture is gorgeous!

~V said...

I knew it was you right away! And I'm with D and T, you ARE gorgeous!

Annie said...

You look beautiful. And your hair-do was just right for the times. Wish my high school photo looked good enough to display today!