Monday, August 25, 2008

Music brings back memories.

Yesterday was a mix of emotions. I attended a benefit for the family of Jim "Cheater" Tiseth, a talented local artist and musician. Bands that he had played in and musicians that he use to play with performed. For me it was a chance to catch up with people that I hadn't seen in years (some going on at least a dozen), an opportunity to see bands that I hadn't seen in years, and the time to hear some bands that I hadn't seen before.
I hadn't seen the Rockin' Hollywoods in years (and didn't realize until yesterday that Cheater had been one of the founding members of this band). I had forgotten how much fun they are to see perform.
This was the first time I'd seen 4 on the Floor, but knew their bass player from his days playing with the Front Row Band. This was Cheater's last band, I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to hear him play with them.
Seeing Chain Lightning perform was one of the most emotional sets for me. I'd met the band years ago (don't even want to think of how long ago it was) and at one time saw them on a regular basis. Two of the current members of the band were playing with them back then, so that brought back memories. (Including the first time seeing them play.) I hadn't seen them play since their former lead singer passed in 2004. The current lead singer is very good, but I got teary eyed when he performed one of the originals that Chuck sang...and when he dedicated Southern Man to Cheater and Chuck. Greg is still thrilling to watch on leads...need to check their schedule to see when I can catch them again....can't/won't wait another four years.
Free Fallin is a band that I have wanted to see ever since I ran into R.T. and he told me he was playing with them. WOW! If you ever get a chance to see these guys perform, do it. (And I'm not just saying that because the drummer threw me a t-shirt at the end of the set.)
I had heard of Phat Pearl, but had never seen them perform. Well, now they are The Pearl. The bass player...she was unbelievable. What can I say about Gary (guitar player that I knew thru a "friend" years ago)....I had seen him play with another band years ago, he was ok then, his playing impressed me yesterday. Their version of Mrs. Robinson is a must hear. Hope to get out to see them again soon.
Recognized the bass player for Rock Army from his days playing in Damian alongside Kevin T.(who was there and looks amazing....Kevin it was great to see you again).
Left before the Show Me Yours reunion took the stage.....would have liked to see them play, but by that time I was wiped out and ready to get some sleep.)
Tommy - it was good to see you again. Hope they didn't work you too hard.
Shadow - they didn't work you hard enough.
Mike F - was great catching up with you...see you at your gig on Saturday.
Les & Geri - what can I say...Love you guys!
Cheater's Family - thank you for sharing him with us. The photos were priceless. He'll be missed.

Without music life would be a mistake. ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

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Sounds like a wonderful time!