Monday, September 29, 2008

It's all in the marketing.

NOTE: This is not a political blog, nor do I discuss politics. HOWEVER....

Campaigning is a form of marketing. You are selling yourself as a candidate. The examples of marketing that I saw this weekend were not effective. They will not gain my vote.

There are twenty six people running for the two open seats on the city council. One of them knocked on my door this weekend. He couldn't/wouldn't tell me where he stands on eminent domain - a huge issue in my town. (Strike 1). Then he insulted me...gave me a flyer with his website on it, if I "know how to use the internet". Not if I had access, but if I knew how to use it. I realize that I life in a manufactured home - a "trailer park" - but HELLO! this is not the way to win my vote.

The second person came to my door, but didn't bother to knock. I was home, but instead of knocking, a typed note was taped to my door. (Found this out when it started raining and I looked out to see how hard it was coming down.) If I hadn't been home, an informative note left in my door wouldn't bother me. But since I was home, and the content of the note is's great that you have three kids that you are proud of, but what does that have to do with your ability to serve on the city council?

OK, I'll put my soap box away for now.


Kristin said...

Those two would have lost my vote. I hate condescension.

Janna said...

Are you in Rosemount, by any chance? I just happened to take a class at work today where a guy at my table said he was running for one of two open city council seats against 25 other people in Rosemount.