Monday, March 23, 2009

The story behind the turtle

Ok kids, it's story time.
Years ago I heard that the turtle was an Indian sign of fertility. Tommy was conceived during a camping trip (the one and only camping trip I have ever been on --sidenote "me camp Holiday Inn"). The standing joke is that a turtle crawled into our tent.
His initials are in the shell. The purple rose is just a me thing.
One of the dads from my friend's day care designed it for me. I gave him a basic picture of what I wanted along with my notes/changes. He drew it up and I took it into the tattoo parlor.
No, it didn't really hurt. It took about an hour. And yes, I would consider getting another one.


Kristin said...

Very cool...I like the story.

Annie said...

Interesting story and cool design. But what body part sports this beauty?

~Tammy said...

Very cool story.