Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What happens....

...when it's a night with few singers at karaoke?
If you are one of those few singers, you get to sing more than usual.
If Roger is hosting the show, you sing songs that you didn't sign up for....things like Puff the Magix Dragon (this was after I vetoed a song I'd never even heard of that he wanted me to do - "I Dig Rock and Roll" by Peter Paul and Mary?).
If a non-singer requests for someone to do Ring of Fire, a mini tribute breaks out and all the singers end up doing a Johnny Cash song, or two. I did Folsom Prison Blues (not my idea) and One Piece at a Time (ok, this one was my idea).
What else did I end up singing....Seven Year Ache, Break Down Here, California Dreamin' (with Geri singing harmonies), Ballroom Blitz, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Roger as Tom Petty), and Kerosene. Think I'm forgetting something, but not sure what.
And how was your Monday evening?


Annie said...

I love that PP&M song that you never heard of. I love all PP&M songs so this doesn't mean all that much. But it breaks my heart that you had never even heard of it and you are such a music lover.

Velda said...

sure as hell not as fun as your night! lol...I've never hard that PP&M song and I THOUGHT I knew all of them, must be an obscure one. I'd love to hear you sing California Dreamin' and Stop Draggin' My Heart Around! Bravo!

Kristin said...

That sounds like so much fun!