Friday, May 8, 2009

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!

It's Superklutz!
My mother will tell you that Grace has never been my middle name.
Yesterday was proof of that.
Managed to fall up the stairs at work. Scrapped up my knee, bruised my arm, and wrenched my back. Didn't spill the hot chocolate I was carrying (ok, slopped some, thankfully the cup had a lid on it).
Get back to my desk and manage to shut my finger in a drawer. Didn't swear too loud.
Tripped over "Fat Cat" last night and wrenched my back again. OK, this time I did swear rather loudly.
Today has got to be better. Right?


Annie said...

How awful! Some days are like that, I know from experience. It's the weekend so rest up and don't make any sudden moves!

Kristin said... always amazes me how those incidents seem to happen one after another.

~Tammy said...

That sounds just like me some days!

Hope you're having a better day today.

Velda said...

perhaps if you play it backwards the bruising and wrenching will go away and you'll have a full cup of cocoa again ;) ((Hugs))