Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My cumulative grade point average is down to 3.8.
Why? Because of the Microsoft Office Professionals class I just completed.
Why? After getting bumped out of part one of the online final twice (two different computers and both times I was past the half way point). Determined that I had enough points for a solid C without that part of the final or the three final projects,which I didn't have time to work on because of fighting with part one of the test. Decided my sanity was worth more than a higher grade for a class that I don't feel should be required (won't go off on that rant).
Final grade for Business Law - A.
Final grade for Entertianment Networking and Self Promotion - A.
Now to get some business stuff taken care of, along with some stitching and reading before the next quarter starts on July 20th.


Annie said...

Nothing wrong with a 3.8! I wish mine had been so high. Congrats!

Kristin said...

Good for you...a few tenths of a point isn't worth your sanity.