Wednesday, June 3, 2009


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Not that lucky....that I could deal with.

Ex #2 needed a place for his cat (Marcy - short for Rocky Marciano) to stay for a while. She is at my house. What's one more feline when you already have three?

Let me preface the events by stating that Marcy might weigh 6 pounds. She is the smallest of the four. She is the youngest of the four. Oh, and she hasn't been declawed.

Night 1. Junior (aka Fat Cat - who weighs about 16 pounds) spent the night running and hiding from Marcy. Charlotte (the nosy, mouthy, redhead) wouldn't get closer than 10 feet to Marcy. Frog (the smallest of my three) arched her back and hissed every time she say Marcy. Marcy decided that she liked it behind the entertainment center.

Night 2. The terrible trio decided that if they ignored her, she would go away. (Yeah, right!) Marcy spent the night crying.

Hopefully they will all get over themselves soon. Sleep deprevation is not my friend.

BTW, what was I thinking?


~Tammy said...

You were spreading some love to kitty is what you were thinking.

I miss having a cat around. Have fun.

Kristin said...

You were being a kitty savior! Go you!