Thursday, July 30, 2009


He arrived safely. Late, but safely. Missed his flight from Detroit - the plane landed early, but by the time they got to the gate, he claimed his luggage and got thru customs, he had to reschedule to a later flight. He was a good boy and called to let me know.
Since I don't fly, I don't go to the airport a lot. Was proud of myself. Got to the right terminal, found the baggage claim area, figured out how to read the board to know which carasoul thingie his bags would be at, and then waited. His plane had already landed. And waited. His plane was at the gate. And waited. People coming down from the gate. Black pants, black shirt, blond hair - not my boy. Finally see him. Wait for him to exit the restricted area. Hug! Head to baggage area #3. And wait. Bags start making the circle. Don't see his. Conveyor stops moving. Still don't see his bag. Walk around the circle. There it is, sitting behind the circle. Was smart and had written down where I parked, so it was just a matter of getting there. (OK, was smart and wrote it down, but parked in "general parking" so paid $5 more than if I had parked in "short term parking" - note to self, park in short term when take him back to the airport.)
Stopped to grab a bite to eat, found out he'd been up for 36 hours (had napped a bit on the plane, but...). Mom was not going to let him get in a car and drive for almost 4 hours....held him "hostage", made him get some sleep, took some pictures, let him leave this morning. He's called that he made it to Aitkin. Now to get on his schedule for while he's home.
On the bright side, no tears yet....those will be when I have to drop him off.

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Kristin said...

I am so glad he is home and safe and healthy!