Friday, January 1, 2010


I had this first post of 2010 all figured out.
About how can it be 2010 already? Wasn't it just last year that we were dealing with the fears Y2K.
A post reflecting on the past decade. Not the big, national stories like the attack on the twin towers, or the collapse of the 35W bridge, or the collapse of the economy. Pesonal things, like losing my grandmother in 2000. About how proud I am of my DS who became a teenager in 2000, and became the Army specialist that he is today. How in the past decade I met the man who is now known as ex #2. About my battle with nonHodgkins. About how the decade started with the birth of a nephew and ended with the birth of a niece.
A post about reconnecting with old friends, growing closer to people that were "acquaintances" at the beginning of the decade (including the person that I consider one of my closest friends). Discovering the Cross Stitch Crazy board, the Little Bit of Everything Bookclub, the monthly stitching get together group, the Freefallin' band - and the friendships that came with these discoveries. And of finding out who my friends really are.
About trying to find the balance between school, job hunting, and me time.
In the "me time" catagory, I went out of town with friends for a couple of days and didn't even log on to check emails. I spent the time enjoying the company, did some reading, did some stitching, relaxed, and thought about the last ten years.
That's what this post was suppose to be about.
Then I got home and the repeat of the season finale of Biggest Loser came on. I heard Jillian make a statement - "Don't wait for life to happen. Make life happen."
This got me thinking. I can't change the past, I can only learn from it. I can take control of my life.
And that's were this post ended up. What do I want? Where do I want to be a year from now?
I want to finish my degree.
I want to find a job that I love.
I want to kick my business into gear.
I want to get back to my goal weight.
I want to sing more.
I want to relearn to play the guitar.
I want to read more.
I want to stitch more.
I want to be happy....strike that, I deserve to be happy.
Some of these things I know what I need to do. Some of them I need to brainstorm on.
I'll be back with goals for those that have such a thing.


Deirdre said...

You do deserve to be happy & this will be the year it all happens.

Kristin said...

I love this post and I love your goals!