Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Was there an alien invasion?

There must have been. How else could I have lost the time I did this last weekend?
The idea for the weekend was to just get away. Picked up my friend early Friday afternoon - was suppose to be Friday morning but didn't get the "I'm ready" call until after noon. By the time I got there to pick up, there wasn't enough time to hit the Titanic exhibit and get to the hotel for check in (note to self, next time guarentee the reservation!). So, went with the flow and changed plans.
We hit Red Lobster and then went back to hotel and watched "Aliens in the Attic" followed by boxing on HBO, planing to hit the exhibit on Saturday.
What's the saying about the best laid plans? Slept in on Saturday, so by the time we were ready to go, our plans had hit an iceberg. (I had been to the exhibit once, but really wanted to see it again.) Went to Old Country Buffett, did some shopping, and then back to the room to watch the movie again (gotta love watch as many times as you want/24 hour in room rental). I checked emails while my partner in crime hit the hot tub (I know I bought a new suit last year, but have no clue where it is). Then ordered "Monsters vs Aliens" and hit the hotel resteraunt for dinner (gotta love buy one get one coupons).
Couldn't sleep in on Sunday, had to get home so somebody could get to work. Dropped off and headed home to watch football. (No nails left thanks to the Vikings).
So, how was your weekend? Did the aliens invade anyone else, or was it just me that hit a time warp?

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