Thursday, December 9, 2010

What day is it?

Or whould I ask what month it is? Not sure where the time has gone.

Since I last posted...
...early fall quarter has come and gone.
...I'm interning for a dj & karaoke company.
...Tommy came home on r&r and has headed back to Afghanistan (this is one of my fav pictures from while he was home.)

...fall quarter has started - and is almost done (business ethics and artist management & live performance).
...winter quarter has been registered for.
...H&R Block's income tax course has run it's course.
...I've been hired as an H&R Block seasonal tax professional.! my read in 2010 list attests, I have gotten some reading done.
...I've gone camping (twice). - those who really know me, please pick yourself up off of the floor.
...I went "deer hunting" - no I didn't shoot, I studied while he went hunting and did some spotting for him.
...Yes, I met someone. We've been seeing each other since the end of August.

I'll try to come back in the next couple of days for a concert/sports/events update.
Happy Thursday all!

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