Tuesday, January 15, 2008


This is the first Stitchathon week on the Cross Stitch Crazy board for 2008. When I did my goals for the year, they included 65,000 stitches and 18,750 minutes for SAT. This broke down to 3,500 stitches and 985 minutes for weeklong SATs. How am I doing so far?

Last night (Monday) I put in 550 stitches in 180 minutes. A little more than what I need per day to meet my goal.

More importantly, it was enough to finish my mini round robin from last year. It was a fall quilt clothes line. I'll post a picture as soon as I can get a good one.

EDITED: Don't want to start a new post each day for this, so will add my SAT counts to this post each day.

Monday - 550 stitches 180 minutes
Tuesday - 500 stitches 165 minutes
Wednesday - 189 stitches 75 minutes
Thursday - 566 stitches 200 minutes
Friday - 558 stitches 235 minutes
Saturday - 691 stitches 330 minutes
Sunday - 1,238 stitches 480 minutes

Total for the week - 4,292 stitches
1,555 minutes