Friday, May 2, 2008

5 Ws of Stitching

Saw this on Kendra's blog and had to borrow it.

Who taught you to stitch, and were there any special circumstances or memories surrounding this?
Grandma taught me embroidery, many moons ago.
My mom use to do counted cross stitch alot, but she didn't really teach me. I sort of taught myself. She was working on a largish picture and miscounted, got frustrated and set it aside. I got tired of looking at it, and tripping over it, so decided that I could do "that". I finished the picture.

What’s your favorite thing to stitch? (A project, a kind of stitching, etc.)
I don't have a real favorite thing to stitch, it depends on my mood. I love cross stitch - and backstitching (yes, I know I'm weird).

Why do you stitch?
My job doesn't allow for much creativity, stitching is a creative outlet for me. I love seeing a pile of colored string turn into a picture.

When is your special stitching time?
In the evening when nothing else is going on and I feel up to it, I stitch from 8ish until TMZ is over (so aroun 11 p.m.)
My extra special stitching time is the once a month stitching get togethers with some friends. We potluck it and stitch and gab for about 5 hours.

Where is your special stitching place? (An accompanying picture would be great!)
Sorry, no picture. My special stitching place is the right end of my grandparents' old love seat. I have a end table next to it for my scrap collecting tin. There's a three light pole lamp behind the table. The tv and stereo are in the same room, so one or the other is usually on while I'm stitching.

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