Friday, May 2, 2008

All in favor

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Or in this case, the neighbors dog. Thing barks it's fool head off (sometimes at someone walking down the street, sometimes because he wants to be let in and the owners aren't doing so, sometimes because...). I can deal with some barking. My problem is my cats (the three that are afraid of the doorbell, storms, people, etc). The dog starts barking and they are scrambling over each other, and everything (and everyone) in their way to get to the window to see what he's barking at. Ummm, excuse me, aren't cats suppose to be "afraid" of dogs?

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~V said...

LMAO! I sent that pic to ash and we don't even HAVE a dog yet lol....yesterday my cat was sitting on the railing of our high up porch while the 3 fool, large, scary dogs next door were barking at him...I laughed....and took pictures lol