Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Miranda Moment

You are probably expecting this to be a musical post.
Maybe a song by Miranda Lambert.
Hate to disappoint you, but it's not.
This time, it's Sex and the City's Miranda. Have you seen the episode where she's freaking out about not having anyone for her "in case of emergency" line?
Well, that's kind of where I was today. Had a doctor's appointment and had to fill out an updated medical form. My DS has been my "ICE", but with him being half way around the world, that isn't really practical. Ex #2 is unreliable. Mom is @6 hours away - and not good in medical emergencies. UGH!!!! Figured it out, but....


Kristin said...


~Tammy said...

Been there and it is not fun.


Annie said...

Same problem here. Not good.

Margaret said...

We had that problem when we moved up here and needed LOTS of ICE for the kids (in case we were unreachable). Jason's research colleague and secretary stood in until I made some friends at church and in the neighborhood! It's a very unsettling feeling.