Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Karaoke TIme...

Going to karaoke tonight.
Trying to think of a song to do.

Mi Vida Loca by Pam Tillis

If you're coming with me you need nerves of steel
Cause I take corners on two wheels
It's a never-ending circus ride
The faint of heart need not apply


Mi vida loca over and over
Destiny turns on a dime
I go where the wind blows
You can't tame a wild rose
Welcome to my crazy life

Sweetheart before this night is through
I could fall in love with you
Come dancing on the edge with me
Let my passion set you free


Here in the firelight I see your tattoo
Mi vida loco, so you're crazy too


We'll go where the wind blows
And I'll be a wild rose
Welcome to my crazy life


Cleopatra, Queen of Denial by Pam Tillis


Velda said...

Depends on your state of mind. I love both of them....I have a cleopatra costume if you'd like to borrow it ;) It's been awhile since you've done karaoke hasn't it?

Kristin said...

Which song did you pick?