Sunday, November 1, 2009


To my friends and loyal readers. Sorry that it's been so long since my last post. The day after that post I was laid off (after 19 1/2 years with the company). My world was disrupted (to say the least). Since then I have been looking for a new job, trying to concentrate on my classes towards my degree (this quarter statistics and finance), and taking a tax preperation course.
I've also been putting things in perspective. At my age, and with the economy the way it is, looking for a new career opportunity is a challenge. A challenge, but not the end of the world. This is an opportunity to re-evaluate what I want to do and where I want to be.
Putting this in perspective, I looking at...
*Two friends have been diagnosed with cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. I admire the way they are handling what life has thrown at them.
*My son is scheduled to go "down range" next year. I'm proud of him, but am a mom.
*My nephew messed up his knee playing high school football. Thankfully, it's not too serious - physical therapy should have him back to new.
*My SIL is expecting in December. Now if my niece would cooperate and move from the breach position.
*Concerned about my mom's health, but she doesn't want to hear it. Or do anything about it.

On the bright side, I've had time to actually do some non-school reading, to spend more time with friends, and to find out who my true friends are. I've picked up a crochet hook for the first time in almost a decade and a cross stitch needle for the first time in too long.
As Gloria Gaynor sang "I Will Survive"....maybe I need to break that out at karaoke (something else I've done for the first time in too long).


Annie said...

Nice to see you posting, but sorry to hear about the whole job issue. Hopefully something will work out soon. Tax season is approaching quickly!

Velda said...

I'll be okay :) I wish your other friend the best :)

Of course you're a mom..and your son will be okay...

Hope the knee heals!

AJ turned 10 days before his due date :)

DON'T fuss over your mom, she won't listen until SHE wants to listen...but I know it's hard

I love you.

Kristin said...

I'm just glad to see you here again. Please don't forget that we are here if you need anything.